Live Countdown on pots

I love that we just got the ability to have our own photos on pots, but I would love to see if we could have a live countdown on the pots preview as a replacement to still photos. I think this would be great for both locked and unlocked pots.
For uncooked pots, I think it would be a good idea to have a Date as to when you want to achieve your savings goal.
I like the idea of being able to see a live countdown to when my Locked pot will become available or how close I am to the date I set for my savings goals.

I would love to hear any feedback the community might have and hope to see this as a feature one day.


Nice idea, a little overlay perhaps to make sure it works with custom images?

Also ‘uncooked pots’ is GENIUS. Presumably when the timer runs out it’s ‘cooked’? :wink:


Totally a spelling mistake but I suppose it works lol. Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:


I’m imagining a new years style countdown from 10 seconds with a fireworks animation at 0 :laughing:


Or just a Countdown, countdown… that tune playing every time you open the screen…


As they’re redeveloping Pots at the moment, I reckon this would a welcome addition + it would add design flair to the idea/People would be explicitly aware of when it opens

Redeveloping Pots? Again? Do you mean custom images that is already available on iOS and will be on Android “soon”?

Or is there something else being developed? Exciting!

I forgot to say “Locked” Pots… I meant as an overlay for locked Pots. My bad

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Ahhh gotcha! Damn, was getting my hopes up for something brand new there!! :smiley:

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