Obtaining a Monzo card

I also signed up over Christmas, but my queue position hasn’t changed. Are other people moving in the queue?

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I also signed up just before Christmas but still haven’t moved in the queue :slightly_frowning_face:


Hi, has anyone moved up the queue?
I signed up before Christmas too and I’ve not moved at all up the queue!
I’ve mentioned the card to a few people and are waiting for me to receive mine before they sign up (to see what it’s like)
Hopefully the queue moves soon!!!


Don’t think the queue is moving yet, been sat at 11,695 since I signed up last year. The app has an annoying bug where refreshing it always counts up, stops one number lower than then 1/2 second later goes back to my actual number, tricking me into thinking its moved :unamused:

Hi, I also signed up before Christmas on Dec 24 and was placed into a queue of about 5k. My position hasn’t moved since, is something wrong or should I be more patient?

@tristan or @HughWells could probably give some insight as to the speed of the card shipping and what percentage of that number are prepaid customers swapping over and new signups being processed :slight_smile:

the rollout counter linked below seems to suggest about 3000 / day very ish , but what percentage these are of existing customers upgrading their prepaid card only Monzo would know

Does anyone know, approx, how long timewise a new applicants will have to wait if they apply for a new account if they applied in the next few days?
Thanks in advance

I think @simonb would be the best person to answer this :slight_smile:


If you’ve had the invite, 2-3 days after you’ve done the identity check.

If waiting for an invite, I’m sure it’ll be there soon but I’m not sure of timescales.

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That’s only for prepaid (which has now closed for new signups). New signups for Current Account are in a queue (on hold). We don’t know when new signups will start being processed again.


Hey all!

Prepaid signups are now closed for anyone who wasn’t already in the waiting list prior to this week.

If you were in that list, you’ll now be able to sign up, as we unlocked the entire prepaid waiting list in the last 2 days - you now have until 1pm tomorrow (Friday) to make the £100 top-up and get a prepaid card shipped to you.

If you miss that deadline, I’m afraid you won’t be able to get a prepaid card anymore. That’s it! The sending of new prepaid cards will be completely shuttered after that.

Here’s where things can get a little cloudy so I’ll be as clear as I can be, but please feel free to address anything you’re not sure about.

If you have an active prepaid card, you’ll be able to migrate to a full current account within the next 1-2 months, with investors being given priority.

If you don’t, you won’t be able to get a current account until we’ve offered the migration to all of our existing prepaid users. Just for additional clarity - that means offered, not gone through the migration process, because there’s people who are travelling that may not be able to migrate until they get back, but they at least will have had the opportunity to do so.

What this means in real world terms is that if you don’t have a Monzo account at all, you won’t be able to get one for 1-2 months, until all prepaid account holders have had the opportunity to migrate.


Awesome response as always - thank you! :+1:

Slightly concerned about this however:

As people move to the current account they’ll be telling their friends how awesome it is and want to get them sign up. Is there simply not enough card production capacity to have a small stream of new sign ups running alongside? (With a queue like the prepaid)

I hope not. By all means have a queue, however existing users get first dibs to apply for the CA. Once that backlog reaches the last few stragglers I’m sure they’re be capacity to welcome new users in the sign-ups.

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I completely agree with @crablab, its possibly a bit offputting for new signups if there is completely no hope. I’d at least like to see a new current account queue (even if it doesn’t move until everyone who had prepaid has been offered a current account).

Ultimately I think not having some kind of queue makes it look like monzo is closed for business slightly whereas having one means that people at least have their foot in the door.


I’m afraid not at this stage (that I know of, at least), but it depends how quickly we can migrate people and how quickly people choose to do it. If there’s additional capacity due to us not hitting the card production limit every week then there may be potential to implement something, but I expect that this will formally addressed over the next week - I’m not in the trenches in these product meetings unfortunately! However, it really wouldn’t be fair to offer anyone a CA before all prepaid users have at least had the opportunity to migrate. The speed at which people choose to do this is something that we’re not really able to predict, but once the data is there we’ll obviously analyse and see if anything changes based on that, like we always do and you would always expect from your favorite fintech company :wink:

I’m just here as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman staff member giving you all a slightly less formal heads up on some aspects of what’s currently happening - but don’t take my comments to be a replacement for actual formal blog post updates, etc.


Sorry, I may not have been clear enough here (there’s a lot to chew through!)

There will be a current account queue, absolutely. But there won’t be movement on it until the bulk of prepaid migration has happened.


That makes a lot more sense! :slight_smile:

Would pay money to see this :joy:


I was just considering what superhero I’d be and thought that with monzo perhaps tom is Gru (despicable me) and perhaps the monzonauts are minions with an evil plan to disrupt banking :smiley:

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Stan Lee just posted this on his site, musicians as superheroes.

Kurt Cobain as Thor, Prince as Green Lantern (should be Purple Lantern!!!)

No Spiderman on there so I call dibs. :joy:


I love this analogy so much :heart::joy:

Those are so awesome! :smiley: Would love some prints for my wall…

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