What happens now?

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Hi, I’ve been highly recommended to Monzo - and have just signed up. But what happens now? It didn’t ask me for my address on sign up - and I haven’t received an email explaining anything. When do I get my card etc? Thanks.

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From memory I believe you give all that information once you reach the top of the queue. Your card should be with you in 3 days after you’ve signed up. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. It was quite a few months ago I signed up now.

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it should now show your place in the queue - when you get to the top of the queue it will ask you for a £100 top up and some personal details - after your initial top up your card will be dispatched usually within 2 days and you will then register your card details on your app / phone - good to go spending - you could always try and skip the queue and get a golden ticket from this thread which allows you to skip the queue -

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Thanks - much appreciated

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Thank you - I get that.

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