O2 student £30 cashback - where is it?


I am an o2 customer and a full time university student, so when I got a new o2 phone a little while ago, I put the discount on my o2 account through unidays, and went through the whole process of getting a Monzo card, topped up £100, spent some, and have been waiting for the cashback for 2 weeks.

I have been continuously contacting o2 customer support, as well as various agents through the Monzo app’s chat feature, and I have continuously been given the runaround from both parties.

Every time I have contacted o2, I have not been able to find an agent that has even heard of Monzo, let alone one who is aware of their student offer.

I made a complaint to o2 which they responded to, but I still have not had my cashback. I spoke to the agent that dealt with my complaint again today, who has told me o2 do not have access to my Monzo details, that it is Monzo’s offer and Monzo’s responsibility to credit my account.

It states on o2’s terms and conditions https://www.o2.co.uk/termsandconditions/rewards/student-offer-20-off-o2-refresh-airtime-plans-and-accessories-and-a-fast-tracked-monzo-card-with-a-ps30-reward that the offer is being promoted by Telephonica UK Ltd, but again the agent assured me it is Monzo I want to speak to, and not o2. Various agents from o2 told me the same thing.

When I have contacted agents through Monzo chat, they’ve told me they are trying to sort this issue out with o2, but that they are experiencing difficulty because you guessed it - no o2 agents are aware of Monzo.

o2 tell me it is Monzo’s responsibility, and Monzo tell me they are contacting o2 on my behalf. Do you see my problem here?

For the time and effort I have given to try and sort this out, this is beginning to become worth more than £30 to me. Also as my Monzo chat has been picked up by agents everywhere from the UK to Argentina, I am starting to question the security of this chat feature, as I have sent sensitive information through the app as per the request of your support agents.

Can someone please advise me on where I am supposed to turn to next? I have filled my end of the bargain, and I want my payment for it. Do I need to escalate this to Trading Standards? The Financial Ombudsman?

I am reaching the end of my tether! My local council owe me in excess of £600 which they will not give me before Christmas, I have 2 young children, Christmas is right around the corner and money is very tight. I need this £30, I need all the money I can get right now and I am sick and tired of fighting people to try and get money I am owed.

If there is anyone that can advise me further, it would be greatly appreciated. I would also suggest that any financial compensation would greatly help to alleviate the stress this is causing me, and the time I have so far spent and seen as nothing short of a complete waste.

Thanks for your time, and sorry to say I’ve had such a negative first experience with your card. Other than this continual runaround, I have enjoyed using the app on my phone.

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basic first question, have you tried any of these:

  1. making a payment or any value using the Monzo Card;
  2. checking your Monzo Card pin at an ATM;
  3. withdrawing any amount of cash at an ATM using your Monzo Card; or
  4. sending any amount of money from your Monzo Card

Hi thanks for the quick response. Yes I have made many payments with my Monzo card, as well as sending money also.

Hey so sorry for all this - Not sure we at community could do much but the link for that offer is still active


You could share this with O2 so they could at least know where you coming from. It’s on their website after all.

@simonb can you check this if Monzo can help in any way.


ah, what a pain. It does say within 10 days of those occurring. :frowning:

@tristan or @simonb are in a better place to help :+1:

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Hey @Endus just want to point out we don’t work for Monzo people with :mondo: with their profile pictures are Monzo staff.

For refrence this offer was discussed here few months ago;


Hi Endus. I’ve escalated this to our complaints team who will be in touch. Please accept our apologies for this poor experience :pensive:


@simonb can I also suggest getting in touch with O2 to remove that page as Monzo are not offering prepaid anymore.


I don’t even want to go into the awful conversation I had with o2 where I was reading their own terms and conditions to them, and still they were telling me that I am wrong and the offer doesn’t exist. That was my inital complaint with them, but after waiting the ten working days it states in their terms and conditions, I am now very confident that something has gone wrong somewhere and no one seems to know who is even responsible, let alone who can fix it.

I did read the other thread you mentioned but it went off on such a tangent, and I felt this issue was seperate to just general feedback on the service.

I wasn’t aware there wasn’t staff in these forums so I apologise for dragging the community into this. I just don’t know where else to turn.

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There are :slight_smile: @simonb has esculated this as a complaint for you and will receive a response within 21 days with an outcome

I appreciate this is a terrible experience, so on behalf of us forum-people I apologise and hope your next experiences of Monzo are better!

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There is staff here Simon already replied and you did the right thing to post this here :+1:

Let us know how it goes. We are rooting for you now and I am sure @simonb will come back to your with some definite answer.


Well certainly the flood of community responses has given me some glimmer of hope, so thank you all for that.


O2 as usual, not surprised at all. I’m sad to see Monzo being associated with such an awful brand to be honest.


Jeez, what a nightmare! Let us know when it gets sorted.

Hello again everyone, I’m back with good news!

The agent for Monzo who has been assisting me is named Hernan; I asked him for an update today and he informed me of the actual process, so that I know who to point the big blaming finger at.

“I’m still waiting on a response for O2, but just to explain a little how it works. Here on our end we only do 1 check and that’s whether you have signed up using the promotional link. Which we did, we then send that confirmation to O2 along with your details and then they do some checks on their end regarding your UniDays account and the purchase you made. Once they have confirmed those they go ahead and credit your account. So currently we are just waiting for them confirm all your details and confirm that they will be crediting your account.”

With this information, I went back to Glen Winder at o2 to accuse him of providing me with false information, but I have been unable to get a reply out of him. My phone call with Glen yesterday was basically him repeating what the customer service agents had told me - that o2 have nothing to do with this and that Monzo have to deal with it, that Monzo make the payment and that o2 do not hold any of these details. So, today I have given him all the evidence to prove his words to be wrong, and informed him of how absurd it seems to me that in dealing with my complaint of lies/misinformation, o2 did nothing but feed me more of the same.

So anyway, Hernan got back to me a short while ago to inform me that o2 are now processing my payment and that I should see the funds in 3-5 working days (so probably Tuesday). Great news!

I’m still getting the cashback 4-6 working days later than promised in o2’s terms and conditions. I’ve told Glen (o2) that I fulfilled my end of the bargain and that o2 have failed to uphold theirs. Also that it IS in fact o2’s responsibility, it is o2 promoting the offer and it is o2 listing the terms and conditions of the offer on o2’s website.

I’m very happy with the service I’ve had from Monzo, and surprisingly unhappy with the service o2 have given me. @anon23935806 I’m unaware of your experiences with o2 but I’ve been nothing but happy with them before this ordeal.

I don’t know if it’s worth taking this any further still? o2 still failed massively here to fill their end of the deal, and I did waste a lot of time and resources trying to solve it, with o2 denying any responsibility the entire time. @simonb I’m happy to cancel the complaint you put in to Monzo, I didn’t look like your agents were going anything more than I had done myself to begin with but Hernan has proven to be most invaluable.

On a side note, I mentioned before about my financial stresses and my local council owing me in excess of £600, I was on the phone to them also today and they have sorted that all out too! They actually owed me over £900, and I get it next Friday. Christmas is saved!

Thanks again everyone!


I am so pleased you have resolved this issue.
Great news that your council are refunding you before Christmas.
Have a great Christmas


That is a beautiful outcome all round. :tada:


Just a quick update to say I still haven’t had this, I’ve been trying to get Hernan to chase this up since Friday and again today.


Hi Monzo, as we move more and more towards partnerships we need to make sure these partners share our values. O2 seems to share the same values as the traditional banks that Monzo sets itself apart from. No cricism intended btw, sometime we only discover these things afterwards.

Hi Endus , message me your Monzo account details and I’ll send you the 30. Christmas shouldn’t be about chasing companies like O2 and getting completely stressed but enjoying it with your children.

Sorry to anyone else having the same problem but this is a one time offer :grinning:


Hi all,

Apologies for the confusion here! We’re working to get these last few issues ironed out and everyone should have it sorted by the end of the week.

Totally agreed on this — sometimes we need to do things to learn from them :frowning: At least we won’t make the same mistakes again!

@Endus and others, thank you for your patience so far :heart_eyes: We’re getting it sorted ASAP.