O2’s incompetence thread

I’ll start… my workplace, indoors, third floor. Sometimes 20-30mbps, most of the time 6-10mbps

Soon as I exit the building, the speed shoots right up to 70-100mbps

O2 states there’s no issue with the mast at all.

I waited for 5 minutes on “uploading 100%”

Switched over to LycaMobile and restarted the upload, done in a few seconds, same spot, same building


Even @NanoOp has issues too

Needs to turn off 5G if that’s theirs. O2 5G is pants, 4G should in theory work better (assuming it’s n28 locally like the majority, not n78 mid band stuff).

Is this an O2 issue or a building issue?

We have the same thing where I work. I get full bars of signal and decent speeds outdoors, but step inside and I immediately get 0-1 bars on both SIMs (one EE one Vodafone).

But that’s not their fault. It’s because our building is a modern steel frame structure…ever heard of a Faraday cage? :grimacing:

It burns through my battery something terrible, some days I have 40% battery drain just from ‘No Network Coverage’ if I forget to turn on flight mode (with WiFi left on so I can still do WiFi calling, WhatsApp etc.)

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I’m sat in the trinity now and….

Don’t get these issues on EE……

And if you stick to 4G?

That suggests congestion. Three is like that for me when I visit Leeds.

O2 in the house is never more than 4 or 5 Mbps down and less than 1 up. Outside it’s a little better but not much. Lots of dropped calls with my spare giffgaff SIM.

Just checked EE on my iPhone and it’s 247 down, 6 up.

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I’ll have to try 4G tomorrow

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4G from my local mast less than a mile away. Connects to around 4 different 4G bands (aggregates) to give better connectivity.

5G mast over a mile away, running low band 5G N28 (700mhz), poor speeds as it’s connecting to the furthest away, and has hundreds of others connected within its reach much closer than me.


It probably won’t be a fair test as I get my iPhone 15 pro max tomorrow, but I’ll get some speed tests in before I swap over

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When I spoke to the reps in an o2 shop, they have the Gaul to blame “too many NVMOs” using o2…. Yeah, alright


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That’s like the 3 network having a LOT of NVMOs.

They have SMARTY, honest, iDMobile etc. I can’t remember the rest.

Nothing about the MVNOs. They have the bandwidth to deploy, they just aren’t deploying it.

Now they’re splitting the agreement with Vodafone to share masts, they’ll each become stand able which should help when O2 rebuild those Vodafone leaves, or build their own and Vodafone rebuilds.

O2 does have the biggest customer base, but poor investment is what makes them suffer. They keep taking on more customers at their own detriment.

They did palm off Lyca, so if they shifted Sky or Tesco they’d probably alleviate the network somewhat.

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Nice full signal-ish, on 4G at Leeds station

Same with Lyca (EE) also on 4G to keep it fair

Trinity test later


Hating O2 is nice and all, but do you get a free Greggs every week with EE’s eye watering bills?

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That’s very true and no, we don’t. I’ll have to start using those. I do not see EE’s eye watering bills, as Lyca… £5 a month (for 6 months) and cancel anytime, all the benefits of great data speed, none of the lock in

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Can’t remember the last time on consciously used Priority. I enter the comps but never won anything.

Never about town early enough to grab a Greggs either.

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Sure if you want to bang your head against a brick wall if you need any support at all.


I wonder why it’s showing LTE instead of 4G…

I know exactly what you mean, it’s either self support or NO support