Show us your speed

(Danny) #1

Following on from the ever so popular Homescreen and App threads let’s see your speeds.

Mobile networks only, best of three or show all three.

Network: Three
Location: Uxbridge
In/Out: Outside
Phone: iPhone 8

How Fast Is Your Connection?
(Tom ) #2

East London
iPhone 6S

(Jake Tame) #3

Pixel 2
London Bridge Station

Just shocking

(Danny) #4

Wow that really is poor!!!

(Jake Tame) #5

Central London is :poop: on pretty much all networks

(Brandon Billingham) #6

This is why I switched to EE. Vodafone central London was embarassing

(Danny) #7

Yeah I want to go on EE but their line rental vs Three is a joke.

(Jake Tame) #8

Yup I’m on 20GB data for £20 with Voda

(Brandon Billingham) #9

25GB for £21 with EE at the moment. Had to wait a long time for a deal worth jumping for

(Jake Tame) #10

Hmm will keep an eye out

(Danny) #11

£12 12GB 12 month contract on Three

(Brandon Billingham) #12

It’s roaming abroad with Three that’s awful, the speeds in France the other month were bad.

(Danny) #13

Yeah this has got really bad since that EU roaming thing, before I could get 4G at my mums in Spain now it’s just 3G

(Brandon Billingham) #14

Funny thing is Vodafone are best for roaming hands down, always good coverage, 4G in most countries, and great speeds. Plus anywhere out of Europe is £5 to use your entire package like home. Just a shame they suck so hard in the UK!

(James Haworth) #15

iPhone X


(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #16

Yeah Voda a great for roaming. But only EE have the superfast 4G in the UK

(Danny) #17

WTF!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

(Brandon Billingham) #18

Piggybacks off of EE

(Leonard) #19

Tower Hill
iPhone X

(Terry) #20

On EE :slight_smile:

EE vs Vodafone (or others)