O2 4g speed

anyone on o2 what 4g speeds do use get

I’m on GiffGaff who use the O2 network and the 4G is pretty decent to be fair.

If I’m in the city (Manchester) then I can get 4G+ which is basically a much faster 4G… about halfway to the 5G speeds available now.

It’s rare the O2 signal/speeds let me down in all honesty.

Completely different story for me. O2 has consistently been the worst out of all operators in the places I use it. All depends on where you are.

Best way is to get a pay as you go SIM to try before making a commitment.

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Sky Mobile on O2

Second check, not too bad on the ping/jitter. Upload is shocking but to be expected.


Now Broadband (Sky) on WiFi

Not amazing download but consistent.

I’ve found O2 to be better than Three. Was with Idmobile before.

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WTF is that upload speed and how does anyone consider that good enough to sell to people? Especially on a “4G” plan… :roll_eyes:


Yeah it’s never gone super high with upload. Just found a recent article comparing.

Having a look here it seems like O2 a slightly lower on average up. Just tried again now and it’s at 10Mbps. The up varies a bit but I think they get away with it because for most people it’s fine.

Ignoring the fact that they both say EE (for some reason with my dual SIM in my iPhone it doesn’t recognise when I swap).



I find that sort of difference consistent no matter where I am in the UK. EE’s data is far superior to o2.

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