Insurance for phone?

What’s the best way ? My contents insurers want £108 which will cover
Me until January 2021. This includes losing the phone outside of my home

It’s a £300 phone

Depends if you can stump up the £300 to replace the phone. Does your content insurance cover the phone bill? I once had my phone on my contents insurance - but it was a nightmare to claim…

I now have insurance with Nationwide bank (the wife and I have a joint account with them) - £13 a month, but this covers both our phones, phone calls, travel, breakdown assistance etc

£300 is a lot of money to me. What about protect my bubble ?

I’ve not used them - so can’t answer. However, a quick google brings up this…

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My partner has So-Sure, it was the cheapest for her and a good app. You can reduce your excess if you take a picture of yourself with the phone, proving it’s not broken.

The best I’ve ever used is the Nationwide FlexPlus account which provides cover for not only your phones but your family’s phones too (if applicable) within the same amount and provides a bunch of other bundled insurances so could save you money if you’re paying for any of those separately already.

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Protect your bubble is £8.50 per month fully covered. Think I’ll go for that

If you want to keep your contents insurance and phone insurance in one, I’d recommend Urban Jungle. I found out about them through :monzo: actually, through one of the plus bundles, but I went with them direct. I get contents insurance, ~£500 phone, ~£500 laptop (both with loss, theft and accidental damage) and a piano for £8 a month.

I actually unfortunately had to claim with them (stolen laptop and phone) about 6 months ago and they were real quick - premium of £100 and my monthly fee only went up to £12 so I’m not mad at all

Edit: turns out they gave me a reference link so I’m gonna put that here instead of a regular one.


Thanks for all the info guys
Checked protect your bubble out and was recommended them by a family member so went with them :+1:t4:

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With protect my bubble if you make a claim don’t you need to make a payment of the remainder of your entire yearly subscription plus the excess?

Didn’t see that mentioned whilst signing up.
As far as I know it’s £8.50 per month. Then a £100 excess if i lose the phone.

Obviously as I bought from John Lewis all accidental damage is covered for two years so I only need protect my bubble if I lose it which is unlikely

As my contents insurers quoted me £108 for the next 9 months would that cover the excess or not ?

Did you purchase accidental damage cover from JL? As far as I know their guarantee only covers manufacturer defects/faults for the two years as standard and not accidental damage. It used to be a great offer but most phones come with the 2 years as standard from the manufacturer now anyway.

Your contents cover on your house is probably very good but if you make a claim your content insurance will likely rise with all insurers significantly so it’s usually not worth it so insure your phone through them.

Without wanting to tempt fate, I’ve had mobile phones since 1994. In that time I’ve lost one phone (2008, £80 to replace) and damaged none beyond the odd minor scratch. I’ve never had insurance and figure that even if I drop or lose my almost 3 year old OnePlus 5 tomorrow, I’m still ahead on what phone insurance would have cost me over the past 26 years.


Your quotes seem rather expensive, both for your phone given it’s value, and your contents. It’s possible your contents insurance may already cover your phone too, so check that whilst you still have a cooling off period with Protect Your Bubble.

Unless you can find an insurance company that offers a stellar digital experience, I would personally always go for the cheapest available insurance product that covers what I need.

I would recommend you consider switching your contents cover to Urban Jungle, the monthly cost if you add on out of home cover for your phone won’t be much more than what you’re already paying just for your phone, so you’d essentially be saving the full annual cost of your contents cover if you switched, but get a quote and check.

Alternatively, with the steep excess of £100 and the high monthly cost compared to the value of your phone, I would strongly consider self-insuring it. Open a savings account with £100, then set up a standing order to deposit £8.50 into that account every month. After 2 years, that’ll cover the cost of a new phone, so long as your phone isn’t lost or stolen.

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Yeah, this doesn’t sound like a great deal. If you loose your phone, you will essentially pay £202 to replace a £300 phone (£100 excess + £102 for the year’s premium).


Yeah I figured that out. It’s better than nothing though and I’m usually very careful with my phones

I’ve asked John Lewis about their 2-year guarantee, waiting for a response


I actually went with So-Sure a few days ago. It’s £5.49 p/m with verification that the phone isn’t broken, £70 excess for Loss & Theft and £50 for Damage. Protect My Bubble was coming out at £9 p/m with all excess cost at £100! (Google Pixel 3a XL)

Your guarantee won’t cover:

  • Accidental damage, for example if your item has been dropped.
  • Consumables such as batteries, fuses, light bulbs etc.
  • Cosmetic damage
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Ah thanks dude. Dont think I can cancel protect your bubble now as I’m in contract

How do you prove your phone isn’t damaged with so sure ?