Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

Sad times


So sad!
The spire has just collapsed and fallen inside.

Arson. my guess, not official news

Whoa. What is happening?

I hope not arson, an accident even this terrible can be forgiven, but arson is just so selfish and petty.

There is a load of construction going on so chances are it stemmed from that, no confirmation yet but that is what is being said.


Looks like a still from Game Of Thrones to me. They’re dragons, right?

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That would be my guess. Remember the second Glasgow School of Art fire. Buildings undergoing construction are much more vulnerable to fire.

The whole thing is basically made of wood as well so that wouldn’t of helped things either.

One of the bell towers is now on fire.

What a horror show :worried:…

They will never be able to restore this now :frowning_face:

They spent decades rebuilding the side of Cologne cathedral facing the train station after WWII. Not actually sure they’ve finished. They even took the opportunity to upgrade to a tougher stone…

Think how long it took to fix York Minster!

I reckon this will keep many a stonemason in work until the second half of this century.


How do the journalists get there so quick if they are in the UK?

Most news agencies have foreign correspondents around the world who they can call up on during breaking news as well as agreements with foreign news agencies.

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Fire brigade now saying that the main structure may not be able to be saved, next 90 minutes critical.

Slightly baffled why specialist fire fighting helipcopters weren’t deployed to drop water onto the fire. I can only assume the resources weren’t available.

A Canadair projects about 6 tonnes of water at high speed to the ground: the danger is significant of hurting one or more people around the building - which is why Canadair interventions are so infrequent in urban and peri-urban areas.

Such an intervention could also significantly destroy the little remaining structure of the cathedral.

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An aerial image of the fire.