Random acts of kindness

Leaving work today there were a couple of ladies giving out caps and suncream to a group of homeless people.

It’s a small gesture but made me smile.

Just wondered if anyone else has seen anything selfless recently, or something unexpected that gave them a smile ?


This is such a lovely thread idea. I don’t think I’ve seen any recently, but I used to walk past the Manchester city centre on my way home in the evening and would often see groups of volunteers with carts handing out hot tea and food to the homeless folk. It’s so nice when the weather is cold, winter is a difficult time.

If my personal experience is included someone flagged down a bus for me last week as I was sprinting for it and it was the nicest thing ever. Bus drivers never seem to want to stop for you!


I was in the metro a couple of days ago. A guy saw a stranger struggling to drag a suitecase down a long set of steps to the platform, so he picked it up and took to down to the bottom for them.

A one off but lovely to see. ^^


That made me smile, wouldn’t even of thought to do that for some (ashamedly). I used to give my day saver to someone as i got off the bus on the way home but now it’s digital I can’t !


Some self praise here, but I bought someones coffee in Costa a couple of weeks ago, their card wasn’t working and they didn’t have any cash so I told the cashier to just stick it on my order, they were incredibly grateful and wanted to take my email address so they could send me the money but I declined.

I’ve heard of similar things in the US before? "Pay it forward’ or something like that is the term, my aunty had gone to a Starbucks drive through in San Francisco before and been told that the person in front has paid for their drink what do they want, but not sure how that works exactly due to what do they charge the person?

I’m very much in the camp that if you can, help where you can - Whether that’s helping an old lady with a massive suitcase off the train, or simply holding a door - Extends to “Christian driving” too :slight_smile:


Ah, this is one thing I really appreciate as a frequent traveller. I feel like a massive burden whenever I tote suitcases through public transport (yes, I am that person), but people often ask if I need a hand.

I used to do this with my weekly pass too until it went digital! It’s a bit harder to do with dailies (still paper tickets) since I usually get back quite late and it’s useless then.

Also, if anyone has been following the cave rescue of the Thai boys, this comic made me tear up.


When I worked in retail a customer came back into the store about 30 mins later with a hayfever nazel spray. They said they noticed I was suffering and went to buy one for me.


Just had a really nice, unsolicited DM.

Made me smile for the first time in hours


Check out @jamesgleave1’s twitter thread, this was one the best things I read today. I always ask people how they are I see someone visibly upset, lost or just poorly. I would encourage everyone to just ask are you Okay what’s the worst would happen… Please read the whole thread… Its pure gold. :point_down:


That Twitter thread :sleepy::cold_sweat:

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Very kind of them. :slight_smile:
I’ve had similar - a customer noticed I’d lost my voice (hard not to, I suppose), went into the boot of his car and rummaged around for a bottle of vitamins and a packet of cough sweets to offer me.

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Social bite do this in Scotland (Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow)



In case the thread is a bit wonky / cuts out for some - this page seemingly collates all the relevant tweets in a readble fashion.

(I’m no good with The Twitter… I once had to ask our social media guy at work how something worked)…


Someone in my local area goes and sees kids dressed up as Spiderman.

He did 6 ‘random acts of kindness’ visits today.


He does do birthdays and stuff as well, I know him from school.


Had a friend from school who was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, some people raised/gave her and her husband some money.

Instead of keeping it, they gave it all away as random acts of kindness!


That made me smile


I know this hero. I’ve chronicled many of his actions.

Fascinating that you know him from school, did you also go to Midtown High School :face_with_monocle:


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Nope, nor did he :thinking:

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I’ll just leave this here…


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:see_no_evil: I just woke up.