Bonfire Night πŸŽ†

I previously made a discussion thread about a pumpkin emoji on transactions during Halloween.

Well today, I just made a transaction to now see a fireworks emoji. Again, I’m loving the attention to detail from the Monzo team :grinning:



Happy Guy Faulkes Night to one and all. The day when we celebrate one brave soul who tried to wipe out a lot of politicians in a big bang :slight_smile:


Is it a celebration though? Isn’t his effigy normally at the top of a bonfire? . . . . when the shops have sold out of Trump ones anyway :grinning:

Few years ago George W Bush had that honour in the US :fire::fire:

It was a joke

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We’re British. We love to celebrate failure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And whatever happens, we’ll always celebrate it with a good cup of tea :coffee:️


Happy bonfire night all be safe :fire:

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did anyone watch Gunpowder on BBC one? Got a few complaints apparently.

I saw bits of it, it was brutal in the first episode.

Typical snowflakes with nothing better to do

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Sure Northern Ireland don’t even celebrate bondfire night

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