Don't have enough money to cover your payments tomorrow - include all scheduled payments in the trigger

‘It looks like you don’t have enough money to cover your payments tomorrow. Add money to your account to make sure the payments go through.’

So I get this every month, but guess what, there always is enough money to cover my payments tomorrow.

I’m guessing this triggers because it can see X amount total scheduled payments due Tomorrow and current balance is <= X so it warns me. The only annoying thing is it’s for my joint account, and on the same day as the scheduled payments go out, a scheduled payment always comes in from monzo personal account.

Why can’t the trigger take this scheduled payment in into account, especially given that it always seems the scheduled payment in happens BEFORE the scheduled payment out and there’s never been a problem…

Unless I’m missing something?


Lloyds and Santander do the same.

Hsbc, FD, handle that fine.

Yeah I gotta agree there must be a way for them to take into account any payments coming in before the funds are coming out; even more so if it’s coming from a personal Monzo account! Must get so annoying to get that notification every single month. The worry for me here is you get used to ignoring these warnings and one day one pops up, it gets ignored and you’re in for a mess trying to sort it out.


if you don’t want to be alerted just go into the app settings and turn off that specific alert under overdraft alert and bounce payments

I do want to be alerted though… just not false negatively … ? (that might not be the right term sorry)

Alerts are useful

Alerts that cry wolf are pointless is my point here

Switching off alerts means i might miss something

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I had exactly the same today but my payment was coming in from First Direct so there was no way they’d have a clue this was happening in advance. I’d say the same was true even for Monzo sourced funds.

Sure, it would be possible to write some software that provided early notification of a Monzo to Monzo transfer to the destination account and it would be quite a neat thing to see. There’s no money in it, though, and it would be a very niche use case (only those customers with multiple accounts) so I don’t see it getting any sort of priority.

‘False positive’ is the phrase you were looking for :stuck_out_tongue:

You basically need summary to look into the future at incoming payments and take those into account. This has been suggested before, be sure to vote for it in the below topic:

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There was also this thread that got auto-closed without anything being done about it. It only got 6 votes because I guess it doesn’t hit a lot of people - but for those it does hit, it’s aggravating.

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@hdizzle As a short term fix, have you considered moving your money over to the joint account 1 day early? I realise that’s not ideal but it’s something.

I kinda understand why monzo would want to still send you these notifications anyway. If your transfer doesn’t go through (you don’t have enough funds in your personal, you cancel the transfer, monzo messes up etc) then you would go overdrawn. The only way to be sure is to already have the money in the account.

That’s the one I had in mind when I was searching but I coundn’t find it!

If it’s locked that would explain why :see_no_evil:

My current setup is:
Paid on 15th into Personal Account
Scheduled payment out of personal on 16th
Scheduled payments out of joint on 16th (to pots)

I guess i could just move my scheduled payments to pots out to 17th… just all seems clunky.

Worst thing is cant even edit the scheduled payment to 17th without cancelling and setting it up new… oh dear

You can edit scheduled payments unless I’m missunderstanding? :thinking:

I can’t… go to Payments -> Scheduled tab, click into the payment… only option i have is ‘Cancel scheduled payment’

I have one that moves money to my joint account too. Here is my screen…

Edit: Ahhh, I’ve setup mine as a standing order that’s why.

Yea mine are pot scheduled deposits so im guessing they just havent gotten around to the edit button on those yet

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You can vote for this feature here: