Notification sounds

Please give us the option to turn sounds off on notifications. I want notifications for transactions, but i dont want to be woken up in the middle of the night by thr kerching sound when they happen.

If you’re on Android you can do this by going into the notifications settings and disabling it. I don’t think iOS has that option built into the system, could be wrong though, as I don’t use it.

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I use the Do Not Disturb feature on my android phone to silence all notifications during the night, except those from people on my Contact List.

Otherwise, with multiple accounts and transfers occurring during the night, I would be constantly woken up.

Works for me :person_shrugging:


Mine automatically switches on at 2230 so long as my phone’s on charge, also sets the screen to Greyscale to discourage me using it :rofl:


Thank you!!! I shall now sleep soundly :slightly_smiling_face:


FYI iOS also has this option :slightly_smiling_face:

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