Notification of upcoming standing orders and direct debits

Quite often with Santander, I forget about all the upcoming direct debits and standing orders, and occasionally haven’t had enough in the account for a direct debit, so I’ve been charged.

If I was notified of an upcoming direct debit tomorrow, I would be able to check my balance and ensure I have enough in the account.

My suggestion would be to allow us to toggle it either in the settings, or per direct debit.

I believe Monzo already does this if there isn’t enough in the account - some people have posted screen shots of the notification.


I haven’t got the graph on my app as I use android, but on iOS doesn’t that show the impact that future expected DDs will have? Does it have a visual cue if it thinks you will go into a negative nalance (ie turn red?). I suspect it does…but if not that would be useful.

We have it! :hugs:

A little bit about Direct Debits is that they run on a three day cycle.

Day one is when the merchant goes we need this money please :moneybag:
Day two we get the file and sort that out (I don’t strictly know what that involves) :open_file_folder:
Day three we actually take the money from your account to give it to the merchant. :heavy_dollar_sign:

Day two we check against your balance and if there’s not enough available we push you a notification. :iphone:

This isn’t in place for standing orders and I personally have no idea if it’s feasible :thinking: we have a lot of clever people at Monzo who would know.


Standing orders should be easier, since you know the amount all along. In fact, one really cool thing you could do would be to add them, in advance, to the pulse graph, so you can look at them on the month ahead :slight_smile: - adding recurring DDs that are always the same or similar and stuff would be more work, but also cool (I’m an Android user, I have no idea if some of this is already on iPhone or not… :slight_smile: ). Oh, and the real icing on the cake - if you could add expected salary to the pulse graph :smiley:


I like everything you said, but the last one could have downsides. If you are a part time worker then the amount may fluctuate a lot. It is a really interesting problem to try and decide what the best solution is there though.

You could ask for manual entry of the data, it doesn’t have to be learned :slight_smile: Enter salary and expected date in your account screen. Learning it could be very tricky, for sure.

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I have not overly used the app as of yet and plan on migrating shortly so apologies if this is covered in any way. But something that I have considered many traditional banks are missing (I believe some does offer it) would be to ring-fence the amount required to cover direct debits for the month thus removing the total from your balance (maybe have a pot for it for example). I know personally, this would be very helpful.

Of course, some difficulty may come due to the potential that a direct debit is not the amount expected and is greater for whatever reason.

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Ring fencing to show the ‘true’ actual balance minus short term commitments would be cool. With the iOS version there is a graph to show trends in spending. Not sure if it accounts for estimated future DDs… As @BethS said above it doesn’t do standing orders though so wouldn’t show the whole picture… I’m not too sure on the functionality here as I’m on Android.

Another iOS feature is also the option for targets which might be another good way to create a ‘ring fence’ of sorts? This is a bit manual as you will need to know what your bills etc will be but serves as a decent workaround, and accounts for the fact that sometimes the amount does change and not all regular bills will be DDs or standing orders.

This all makes me really wish for these features in Android! :joy::thinking:

You’re not the only one :raised_hands: