Notification of Completion Advice

I’ve noticed that transactions are sent with a later completion advice, I don’t get notified when the completion is processed.

The two examples that come to mind are:

When I get petrol at a pay at pump (specifically Tesco), the initial authorisation is for £1. At some point a couple of days later, the completion advice is processed, and this £1 is changed in my transaction history to the amount I spent (this could easily be £50). I am not notified of the change in transaction value, or my balance.

On Friday, I used my card on the London Underground for the first time. When I used my card to enter the underground, I had a 10p auth from TFL. Today this changed to £2.40 for my total journey.

In both these cases, it would be cool to be notified that the amount of a transaction has changed, or at least that my balance had changed.

Sorry if this has already been suggested!


I agree, be nice to know when gone through

I agree that this would be helpful. I’ve been in Poland for the last week and several transactions that I went ahead and used the “bill splitting” function on have since changed to a higher value. There was nothing to notify me of this and ultimately it means that I have paid out more than my share for each of these.

I see a separate TfL transaction come through for the total for the journey minus 10p and get a notification.

I had the same thing when I was in France last month, in that the exchange rate changed slightly between making the transaction and it clearing.
I think it’s a difficult case though, because whilst it would be nice to know that the transaction amount has changed, if I’m on holiday and use my card 5+ times in a day, I don’t really want 5+ notifications 2 days later saying the amount has changed. Maybe a summary notification for each day when the transactions clear would be better?

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I don’t think I would mind too much about knowing it had changed unless it was a significant amount. It matters more to me that the bill splitting is fair. I think having bill splitting switched off until the transaction has settled would probably be best.

The only issue I can see with the pay at pump example is that some merchants don’t update the existing authorisation. They simply create a new one while waiting for the other to expire. As far as monzo’s concerned this is a spectate transaction no?

The abroad issue is just an unfortunate nature of how the current card network system isn’t modern enough. If presentment was instant the issue wouldn’t exist. Personally you have to allow a little flexibility knowing you’re getting a good rate anyway.

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Whenever original transaction amount gets updated I would like to know.
Pay at pumps is a really good example, at some fuel stations they charge an upfront amount say £100 and then update it to actual cost of fill up.

When I use TfL I get a delayed transaction notice?

I used it again on Saturday, and only got the transaction through last night. I’m guessing it was because it was the first time I had used that card they were checking it was active?

Yes. They seem to do it every time they haven’t seen the card for a week or two.