Notification for updated transaction

Based on what I learned about the foreign exchange rate and how it works I decided I move it officially here as an idea.

At the moment I experienced two types of updates to my transactions:

  1. Foreign exchange rate settled
  2. Change of details of the transaction after support request
  3. Pay@pump transaction update
    (are there any other?)

I would like to see:

  1. A notification that the transaction has been updated, in any way
  2. Transaction feed item to get a different background colour until it’s checked (not necessarily clicked but at least scrolled to be looked at)
  3. Ability to configure whether I want to receive this update notifications or not (some people might not care)

This is a good idea…

Can also add Pay at Pump as its usually £1 until the next day or so… so when its updated to the correct amount would be good to know… however not sure Monzo gets told about this so don’t know how hard it would be for them?

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Hmm that’s why I thought I’d ask the question. I am assuming there has to be a signal coming Monzo’s way to update the details and I think that could be use as a trigger, but again that’s just my assumption that will hopefully get verified soon

True, I see what you mean :thinking: one for @hugo @tristan @simonb

I think what you’re saying here is that we should notify people if the Authorisation and Presentment amounts are different in any way.

Presentment usually happens around 2 days after authorisation (that’s when the exchange rate becomes fixed).

For FX transactions, this might become a bit much because the exchange rate will almost always be slightly different two days after you make the transaction. But I can see the use case for Pay @ Pump!


I’d still quite like to see if for both. Even a note within the transaction on FX to see the difference between the transactions.

That would be easy to solve: Trigger notification if authorisation and presentment differ by more than x%. (Which would also include most pay at pump transaction, I imagine, as few people will fill up for £1 or £99.)

Incidentally, this is one of the few useful cases for notifications for me: I find the constant notifications on every payment simply annoying (I know I used my card) but when something “unexpected” happened (e.g. authorisation and presentment figures differ) then I’d find it very helpful. Sadly, as far as I know, noone actually implements those :frowning:

Exactly I would like to see it every time there’s some kind of an update of the transaction, whether it’s ATM withdrawal, pay@pump, or details change.

@kieranmch completely understand and I think this is fine, but personally I would like to see all updated when something is happening with my account. It might be small change but the amount is irrelevant, after all these are processes on my bank account that go rather unnoticed, so I’m simply asking for a way to enable a better transparency of all the processes.

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I think this is a very good idea and something we might build at some point (we also want to show the whole lifecycle of a payment at some “detail level” view).

On the other hand, I wish at some point we can make it so that there’s no fx delay at all (or for most of the transactions). Probably a big project to get done but it would simplify things a lot :slight_smile:


I’d like to bring this topic back up as I’ve come across wanting this very feature.

I tried out Ocado for the first time (lots of vegetarian meals other supermarkets don’t do) and they charge a “max amount” in the early morning of the day of delivery, then after delivery they adjust the amount based on bags returned, substitutions refused, etc. I’d love to see a message in the feed that says “Your Ocado payment was finalised at £xx.xx, down from £yy.yy” and have one of those “Clear” buttons to remove it from my feed (like the “Welcome to Country” or “Active Card Check” items).

I would also like this for international transactions finalising the exchange rate. If you had the “Clear” buttons on the items, you could dismiss them and your feed won’t be cluttered any more, and the original transactions and balance are already updated to the correct amounts too.

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TfL is my primary target for these sorts of notifications for exactly the same reasons (where they charge an initial 10p fact-finding transaction which later gets updated). Ideally I’d update the ‘Spent’ figure in the pulse graph for the day as well since that still catches me out occasionally.

Glad you guy agree, to me all those examples are a basis of one desire to know when status/amount of money on my account changes by any kind of process.That kind of transparency is actually more important to me than initial transaction notification.

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A bump for this because we’ve had the same experience when using Ecotricity charge points for our car. They charge an immediate £12, which is later updated to the correct price, but we don’t find out about it unless we go looking in the feed.


I’m sure there must be a more recent topic on this but I couldn’t find it.

I’d really like a notification when a pending transaction completes at a different price than initially authorised.

E.g. recently I got a bus, paid with Apple Pay, only 10p was initially charged, which later changed to the correct amount for the journey which was £18, so a massive difference!

At first I was wondering why my balance looked lower than it should have before I realised.

It would be really useful to get a notification for this type of situation.

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