Notification before cash withdrawn

Not sure if this is a bug or not but on getting cash out this morning I had my notification before the cash had even been given to me and I still had an option to answer which could had resulted in me not getting the cash.

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@RossA are you sure it wasn’t asking whether or not you wanted a receipt?

No - it was telling me that I may be charged for using MasterCard - are you sure you still want to withdraw the money?

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Sure it wasn’t the balance check / pin change notification?

No definitely what I mentioned above and the notification was certainly for the £20 withdrawal.

I got that once. The ATM warned my that I could be charged a fed by my back and asked me to confirm the operation.
I knew that neither the ATM in cause or Mondo would charge a fee on that case and that was probably an automatic warning based on the type of card.
I proceeded with my withdrawal and was never charged. But I can see how that might be confusing.
If I ever go to that ATM again I will snap a pic.

I’ve been asked by every ATM if I wish to proceed as it may charge me but this has always come before the transaction.

it prob was do u want a new service yes or no then it gives you the cash done to me.

It was just an authorize-then-capture process. Mondo shows the transaction as soon as the authorization happens, before the money is captured.

So if I’d said no it would have been paid back into my account? Guess I need to get used to instant notifications! :wink:

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its not a bug so shoulnt be posted in one its lets you know you withdrawn the money just quick notifcation.

I would class it a bug as the money was withdrawn before I’d completed the transaction. Either way it’s not happened since.

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Just the way the its done and transtation was completed as you picked how much you wanna withdraw just gives you notifcation betore gives you cash something diffrent to normal

That’s really strange, I’ll watch out for this with my withdrawals.

Any word from the Mondo staff about whether it’s a regular occurrence?

If you say “No, I don’t want the cash” then any money is released back to you straight away, in my experience.