Random number on red dot notification

Hello guys.
I’m on iOS and TestFlight Monzo version.
I got random number on red dot notification…
Tried to reinstall app same issue…


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How odd! Are you using the new layout or the old?

Yes. New layout enabled in labs

Have you been through all the pots/cards you have (flex etc) and looked at the feed(s)?

Sure. Red dot disappears after opening app.
Today I made 2 transactions on Amazon. After first transaction there was number 4, number 11 after second

Also seeing this +1

Seeing this the past few days, not on test flight, just latest version of App.

I’m sure this happened before but I can’t find the thread…

Found it


I’m getting this too, number is completely random, I had 7 and 13 show up today I think.

On latest update and using new home layout with iPhone.

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I have had it since 1st of month, but had set up an IFTTT for the 1p challenge, had actually put it down to that until others have mentioned it here.

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I’m running the app on its own, no 3rd party automations etc.

Definitely not caused by a backlog of real notifications. Because even if it says 7 on the red app badge, as soon as I look at the 1 notification I actually received the badge goes away completely, rather than just being reduced by 1.

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Still not fixed very annoying and I feel stressed in the mornings…Maybe someone used my card at night?! Have to check last transactions

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I’ve got this bug too - it seemed to start happening when I enabled these 4 labs features.

Go to the card carousel, and the feed for the main card. The latest activity feed doesnt clear notifications properly so the number will keep increasing.

Will try this. Thank you!