Notes on Pot Transactions

The ability to add a note on transactions in and out of pots would be useful in keeping track. Maybe even a note box when actually moving in and out? Not sure what type of UX you’re going for there but still.

If you can’t remember the transactions, they become meaningless.


You can add notes and tags in Android just select the transaction

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Has anyone else spotted that when adding a note like this, it no longer shows in your feed? It did up to a week or so ago, but now my feed just shows “Added to pot” where it used to have my carefully scripted notes.


Just tried a few to test and they’re showing fine (iOS)

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Seeing the same (Android).

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Should have said. Mine’s Android. Here’s a screenshot of the transaction and the item in my feed.



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Have now reported this as a possible bug.

I too would like this feature. And the ability to add notes to Transfers in general (not just pots)

If I withdraw £100 from my Monzo Joint account. I’d like the ability to add a note why. So my partner can see the reason.


Agreed. Ability to add notes to any transaction type would be great.

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