Add notes to pot and account transfers when setting up the transfer

Although we can add notes to transactions that are to a pot or between a personal and joint account, the notes can be added only after the transfer has been made. This is cumbersome and it would be a lot smoother to have a notes field when setting up the transfer (as when transferring to another Monzo user or an external bank), so the note can be entered when creating the transfer. This is particularly important when moving funds between personal and joint accounts, because at the moment it is necessary to:

  1. make the transfer
  2. tap on the transaction
  3. tap the notes field, add the note
  4. back out to the transaction list
  5. switch accounts
  6. tap on the transaction
  7. tap the notes field, add the note
  8. back out to the transaction list

Pretty frustrating workflow!

I use pots to save. Obviously, the best way to save is to not spend. When I consciously do not spend (eg. walk instead of getting the bus) I would like to put the difference into my pot, which is fine but would be great to add a note on where I found that saving (eg. walked instead of paying more to TfL!)

Or, didn’t buy desert in a restaurant, avoided the pub one night, etc etc.


Completely agree to this, when moving money you should be able to add notes at the point of setting it up, not retrospectively :slight_smile:

This annoys with with pots… and more so with bank transfers as on iOS you can’t add notes…

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I’d like to be able to add a note / tag to every movement of money AS I MAKE IT. I don’t mean payments that trigger push notifications, but rather money I move myself… Currently, if I withdraw money from a pot or move it between accounts I have to literally make the transaction and then go back and tag it afterwards in the history - which is a bit time consuming. When I move money between accounts I have to do it twice - in both accounts to show my matching transactions! It’s all for my personal benefit, but also so both my husband and I can see why money has been moved & spent - and who/what on.
Tagging is an essential part of my way of keeping track of my spending and I literally tag every single movement of money, so to be able to do that AS I move funds would be AMAZING!

How would this be realised?

Only way I can think this would work is to have it, somehow, built into the Notification but I don’t think that’s possible on iOS.

So, in lieu of that, every time you make a transaction, just tap on the notification to open Monzo and you can add a note/tag?

How are you doing this now?

For instance… Image 1 shows a transaction I made within my joint account this morning. I then have to go into the pot history (image 2) to add the tag. And then into my personal account (image 3) to add corresponding tag. It would be nice to be able to add the tags at stages 1 & 2 (images 4 and 5). I can’t imagine it’d be too hard to add a ‘notes’ box to the withdrawal, add and transfer windows.

Ahhh I see.

Yes, I can see how a small note box could be added to one of those screens! Thanks. Sounds like a great idea.

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Thankfully we have this feature on android.

I drag down on the notification and an Add Notes field appears.

I enter my tag then Send.

Done :+1:

Is that another thing to add to the parity list i smell :eyes:

I have android, and yes we do on push notifications, which are EXTERNAL transactions, but movement of money WITHIN the accounts (as per my pictures after the first response) does not trigger a push notification.


This has my vote! :+1: