Notes on pots transactions not appearing in feed

(Stephen Morris) #1

Mentioned this on another thread a few days ago and someone said it wasn’t happening on iOS, so guessing it might be an Android bug.

When I enter notes into a pots transaction, they don’t appear in my feed. I just see a generic “Added to pot” message. This changed a week or two ago. The notes appear in my feed on other transaction types.

I’m using a Pixel 2, running Android 8.1.0 and Monzo 2.3.1.

Notes on Pot Transactions
(Hugh Wells) #2

Does it happen for other pot transactions that are initiated manually? :thinking:

(Chris Rimell) #3

I’ve added notes manually to a pot that do not show on the feed but do when you go into the specific transaction

(Hugh Wells) #4

Thanks for clarifying :raised_hands:

I think this is more a design decision than a bug then :see_no_evil: Thanks for the feedback though!

(Chris Rimell) #5

I think the point was that the notes started to show and now don’t but they do on iOS, so either the decision has been made to remove this functionality or its broken on Android only :thinking: but who knows which :sunny:

(Stephen Morris) #6

Yes, same result if I move money manually.


It will only show on the feed item I’ve selected, not on subsequent ones with that pot

(Stephen Morris) #8

I thought that too, until it became apparent that it still works on iOS and - in fact - I still see the notes on the emergency web interface (below).