Note for pot withdrawal is missing in pot feed

Notes are not shown in pot feed

Details to reproduce:
Withdraw money from a pot
Add a note in the main feed
Go to the pot’s feed: the note is missing
OS: Android
Device: Moto G9
App Version: 4.37.0


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It’s not missing, they are now on both sides of the transaction. If you want it to show in both places you need to do it twice.

To me it’s inconvenient to do it twice.

I use pots to allow for expenses and whenever an expense comes up, I do the following:

  1. take the same amount of the expense from the relevant pot
  2. add a note to the expense to mark it as paid from the pot
  3. in the feed, add a note to the transfer transaction explainin what expense it was for
  4. in the pot feed, do the same as step 3

Step 4 is redundant but I need to do it to see what expenses were covered by the pot, instead of just a sequence of withdrawals.

Step 3 and 2 would also be much more convenient if there was the feature for linking transactions.

I remember there was a “pay from pot” feature in Premium but I haven’t been able to find out more.

Not quite, yet. You can pay a Monzo Premium monthly charge or a Monzo loan from a pot under a Personal account. And you can indirectly ‘pay’ bills (D/D’s, scheduled payments & Standing orders) from a designated pot - a Bills pot - but you can’t pay anything else directly from a pot.

Another indirect route is to use a Virtual Card (Plus/Premium) linked to a pot. The VC acts as a card/‘account’ so you can spend & pay bills with it. And you can then link it to a pot, so the pot is the funding source of the spending.

All workarounds - if you could pay directly from a pot, all of the above would vanish - like an old oak table [Blackadder]

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