[Android] Add Reference to Transactions Moved from/to a Pot


I think it’s a really good idea being able to add notes to transactions which shows like a reference on the Home tab, however it doesn’t do this when you move from or to pots like the images below.

Although you can still search for the note you made (and maybe this is a lazy idea I’m putting forward) but I think it would be handy to see your notes in the entries made from moving money to and from your pots, especially when this is already applicable to any other transaction shown on the Home tab.

Is this something that can be implemented?

Edit: So this apparently should be a thing but doesn’t appear in my app. Can this be fixed somehow as unsure how to do it?

Further edit 18/03/2019:

I currently use Android 9 on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Monzo app version 2.39.0.

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If I edit “Withdrawn from [Pot Name]” to be my own custom note it updates in the home feed and I can search by it… so not sure what change/feature is being requested?

That’s an option but if you have multiple different variables of spending to put aside each month (such as fuel, food shopping etc.) then having a bunch of different pots can get confusing for some people.

Like I’ve put in the screenshots, on the transaction to Essex Plumbing, it has the note I put in as “Kitchen Sink Plug” on the list of transactions in the Home tab of the app, whereas the one withdrawn from/to the pot has a note “Barclaycard”, however “Barclaycard” doesn’t appear in the reference section, only “Withdrawn from pot” or “Added to pot”.

Basically, if adding a note to a transaction shows up underneath the payer/payee of a transaction, shouldn’t the same apply to notes added to transactions made from/to pots?

I added a note to Service and the Note shows in the second line in home feed - there is a bug so you might need to go into the pit move and back out again to force the note on the home screen to update

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Ahh ok brilliant I assumed it was just something they hadn’t added because it was a pot. I’ll try that thanks very much! :grin::+1:

@KH1988, @TheSamHolland are you guys using Android or iOS?

I’m on iOS and mine changes ok.

I’m on android… possibly an android fault then?

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It might be worth adding bug report info to your original post:

Device, Monzo app version, Android version.

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Brilliant, thanks @awjdean for your help! I’ve done this just now :slight_smile:

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