Notes On Payments

Can we please have the same ability to write notes for bank transfers (and direct debits) as we do for chip and pin card payments. I paid my accountant but I would have loved to scribble a quick note as to what I was paying them for.

Love the current account so far :smile:


I suspect this has something to do with the way in which the note field displays the reference for payments. Hopefully this will be polished with the full release and we’ll see both a note and reference field.


I had to pay a friend for some lekke Indian the other night.

He is super behind the times and uses some inferior bank from the past.

I was able to categorise the Bank Transfer as “Eating Out”, but it could have been cool to add a note or receipt to the transaction like you can for the usual contactless/chip-and-pin transactions.

Otherwise loving having my current account card and making the peeps at work well jealous of their Beta cards. Keep up the good work!


I believe that @tristan has said in a different topic that Direct Debits and other types of payments will be very similar feature wise as debit card payments

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Looking forward to this feature coming on faster payments inbound and out.
Made one earlier and went to add a note as the reference box isn’t always enough! But the option wasn’t there :frowning:

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