Incoming payment references

(Stephen Early) #1

When I receive a payment (faster payments, etc.) the reference received with the payment becomes the transaction note. This is good - it’s what I expect.

I would like the original reference still to be viewable if I edit the transaction note. I assume Monzo stores this somewhere?

(Michael Jenkins) #2

Ideally, the reference should be read only, with the possibility to add notes in addition.

(Stephen Early) #3

Populating the note field with the reference seems entirely reasonable and helpful to me, but I agree that the original reference should be available and read-only.

(Simon Turp) #4

Personally, I would like to be able to add my own notes to incoming and outgoing faster payments that aren’t reflective of the payment reference.


A work around, is leave the original in there, but on a new line above it put your note in. Only the top line is visable in the feed.

(Stephen Early) #6

That’s good advice! I still think a field that says “this is definitely the reference as received and can’t be tampered with” is a good idea, though.


When the CA first launched to the closed preview you couldn’t edit what so ever. I’m not sure if the original reference will be there in the API somewhere, always.

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