✅ Not updating transactions

Issue: My app has not updated transactions since 7 May

Details to reproduce:
**Device:**iphone 11
App Version:


How is your device connected to the internet?

If you are connected via a wifi with a VPN, try turning off the VPN or using mobile data instead.

thank you! i’m connected via home WiFi… mobile data is on…still not updating… I keep refreshing but that makes no difference…i updated from a iphone6 to an iphone11 a few weeks ago, would that be a factor?

and now the app is saying 'there was a problemand access token has expired???

ive deleted the app and reinstalled it, its working now

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Ah, that would’ve been my next suggestion :slight_smile: Glad to hear everything is working for you now. I’m an Android user myself, so unfortunately have nothing to offer regarding the access token message. Hopefully that won’t occur again.