Android app won't update to show today's info

Hi, my iPad app works fine and has updated to show today, android app seems stuck on yesterday, have logged out and in and still the same - any ideas?

Hey :slight_smile: Have you logged out of both devices and logged in on just the Android app?

Might be worth re-installing just to clear out any weird cache that might’ve built up :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just a single day’s worth of transactions that’s missing on Android?


Hey, thanks got the ideas, have tried all suggested but still android does not showing Sept, have just returned from a trip abroad and iPad shows shows a summary and also shoes my Sept spend as zero (which is right) android not showing summary and does it show Sept, seems as if it’s stuck on yesterday, even though no transactions I assume should still update and show as Sept
Cheers got ideas 🖒