Card queue not moving

(Ashley) #1


let first of apologize if this is in the wrong category.

I signed up for Mondo about two days ago and I’ve referred someone to get the 4k boost. However, besides that boost, my position hasn’t budged one place.

If this is the speed you guys are producing at, a card every week or so then god help us.


Welcome @ashley94,

As far as I’m aware, cards are being printed at a faster rate than one or two a week, unless they have paused slightly for a little bit. However, the wait is worth it! What number are your currently? It may be worth an employee just confirming the current printing status though.

(James Billingham) #3

I recall that there has been a bit of a pause due to the name change.

(Ashley) #4

Oh I see… @billinghamj thinks so too so that must be why. I’m currently at position 63,299. What kind of rate is it usually? A few thousand a day, 10’s of thousands?

(James Billingham) #5

I recall that it was a few hundred a day.


If you signed up 2 days ago (now 3 days ago) that would have been Friday? Being then the weekend you won’t see any movement til today.


It all depends, I remember when I was ~25,000 and then the next day I was in. Though they were ramping up production. It could be worth tweeting @getmondo as they usually give quick replies!

(Tristan Thomas) #8

Hey Ashley, it doesn’t move at the weekend but you should have seen some decent moves this morning? :slight_smile: