"Not available on joint accounts"

I see this phrase now and then when we’re discussing new features. I was wondering - if I open a joint account, does that mean I won’t be able to access those features at all (eg Monzo Plus). Or is it just on the joint element of the account.

It means it hasn’t been built out for the joint account, and won’t affect it on your personal account providing criteria is met :ok_hand:

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It’s a phrase you will get use to hearing and if you use your joint account as your main account like me your certainly realise you’re a second class citizen in monzoland


As someone in the process of going “full Monzo” this really worries me and makes me a little sad.

I’d love to understand the technical reasons behind the feature disparity.


Is it just on your joint account that you can’t use those features? Or can you also not access them on your solo account now that you have a joint account?

Pots originally weren’t on joint accounts because they could only be controlled by one person. Now they can be controlled account based.

Overdrafts are not availible as they’re new to lending so are being very cautious with this. Hense the slow loan roll out.

Ultimately everything comes to current accounts first and then :crossed_fingers: hopefully they eventually will come to joint accounts. Although nothing new has been added for a while.

Just joint account. Your personal account remains as it is now :slight_smile:

Its just on the joint account you can’t use features. You get the features on your personal account but when you keep as little money in it as I do there is really no point lol


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