Non-transaction notifications

(Rika Raybould) #1

Just received this notification.

Them appearing in the feed for when I next open the app is fine and I like that they are almost inline tutorials but I’m not a fan of these being on my lock screen or in notification centre. Especially as this particular one was not in response to anything I did and is actually not something I can do with my current financial and work situation (unless someone decides to hire me and give me regular income :innocent:).

I’d like an option to either opt out of these kinds of push notifications (again, the feed entry is completely fine by me) or simply not have them sent. I know I’m not the majority in this but I treat push notifications to my device as a great privilege and I’ve already revoked it from other financial apps and deleted lesser apps for abusing that trust.

Anybody have any different opinions on this?

(Jolin) #2

I agree. I have a big dislike of notification overload and have them turned off for most apps. Because :mondo:’s are useful they are on, but if I started receiving non-transaction notifications, I would probably deny :mondo: notification access. :confused:

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Thanks both! :slight_smile: Totally something we’re thinking about and testing—and something we care a lot about internally. Please keep this feedback coming and shout if you have any specific questions.


Whilst I didn’t mind this notification myself, I can see that some wouldn’t and that an option to disable these sorts of notifications would be appreciated.


Ya. I would really love an option to disable them. :slight_smile:


Happy to have them in feed but as notifications is very annoying!

(nick.haley) #7

Oops. Missed this thread. Well yeah just went on a rant about this. Not a fan!

(Rika Raybould) #8

Heh, it’s fine! Linking it for reference.

(nick.haley) #9

This is what drove me to moan…

I’d cleared the push about ‘search’ first thing this morning… #threeinarow :smirk:

(Rika Raybould) #10

I believe these all should be one time (per user) at least. Mostly in response to things you’ve done (such as visiting the same merchant twice or running a low balance). To a new users, most of these are useful as it’s a kind of running tutorial. I’ve found in game design that one of the worst things to do is to throw too much information at the player/user before they’re allowed to start playing/using the product or service as they’ll quickly skip it all or forget most of it.

I think we’re currently getting thrown them about as fast as they’re being added because we already met the conditions of display before they were added. Not entirely sure what could be done about that aside from artificially increasing the time between them or not showing them to existing users.

(nick.haley) #11

You’re probably right - we triggered the IF this THEN thats in one day - if they were added as new…

But I agree when in new user mode these would be very helpful. And to be fair I actually didn’t mind the ‘regular top up’ notification that you weren’t a fan of :smile: - but together it was just overload!


I’m still waiting in queue without card so excuse my ignorance but I also think it’s useful to have insight from people who haven’t yet used the app in some instances. Personally this would drive me crazy. I’ve experienced it a lot in other apps all at once and all at the beginning and because it comes in as overload I tend to close everything without reading or otherwise I forget things instantly because I’m trying to get used to everything else new. So personally, no, I don’t think it’s useful for new users. What I’d like to see is maybe a “tips and tricks” type area. A list of things that I can scroll through to help me get the most out of Mondo but equally I can ignore it if I’m not interested. Whenever new features are added they could also appear here at the top of list perhaps?


Definitely, this would be really helpful for new users get around the app quickly. But what we are asking is the option to turn them off if someone wishes to.

(Hugo Cornejo) #14

Thanks a lot for the feedback everybody.

I wonder if with a bit more of context we can find a better solution…


  • These screens (we call them “onboarding items”) are not new, we used to have a few of them (balance graph, search, P2P unlocked).

  • Recently we decided to create a handful more of them to showcase features that not everybody fully grasps (think that as we grow and reach broader audiences we face more and more “regular” users, people that don’t explore an app by themselves and tap on every button just to see what happens). So we want to encourage these users to explore the app and get to know each of the pieces.

  • Some of the onboarding items are for features that get unlocked after a certain level of usage (for example the graph, that it’s kind of useless until you’ve been with Mondo for over a month). The idea is to test some of these items and see how well they perform (for example, if we send you an explanation about how the search works are you more likely to use it and be happy about it that if you find it by yourself?).

  • Someone mentioned a “tips and tricks” section. We have that too, it’s only visible for new users and it tries to serve the same purpose from a slightly different angle, we give user some steps to “complete” they knowledge about Mondo (things like freeze/defrost the card, etc.).

  • So, long story short, all this is part of the beta, we try things. Sometimes we get it right at first shot, usually we don’t… so we fine tune based on your amazing feedback and data :slight_smile:

What (it seems) went wrong:

  • Something that structurally we wanted never to happen was to send you more than one onboarding item in a row. The rules for each item are a bit difficult so (based on the screenshot) it seems we mixed things and there are cases when you can receive more than one, apologies :head_bandage: We’ll increase the margin so the “transaction vs other stuff” balance remains on the good side.

  • The overflow of items is more noticeable for long-term users because we just turned on the engine of these new items and we didn’t want to let you out like we did with “tips and tricks” (maybe that was a bad decision). We have IMHO some clever things like if you go shopping we suggest you to add a receipt and things like that. If you’ve been already shopping in the past it seems that rule gets triggered anyway and you receive it without any context. I’m not sure about this but, if that’s actually the case, we’ll fix it.

  • Notifications. Last thing we want is to annoy you! We’re listening to the feedback and playing with some ideas to improve things:

  1. Silent notifications. Instead of getting a message on the lock screen you get a less intrusive red bubble on the app icon.
  2. Notifications opt-in. Add a section into the profile where you can decide if you want to get alerts about new features or not.
  3. Add a feedback button to each onboarding item so you can tell us if they are useful or not. After saying “no” to two of them (let’s say) we stop sending them.

I think that’s all. Please keep your feedback coming, thanks!!

(Robert Shippey) #15

I’m glad so many people have noticed this too. I’m not very active on here, so it’s good to know others are talking about what’s also happening in my head.

I don’t think silent notifications are a solution. The way I see it, I get a notification (lock screen notification is equivalent to app icon badge number) from Mondo when a charge happens on my account. If I see a notification on the lock screen or on the app icon then my gut reaction is to think there is a charge, which is worrisome when I know I haven’t used my card!

Seeing them within the app only is best (with the options to opt-in/out or the feedback you’ve suggested). I don’t need to be notified at an arbitrary time that I am able to search my Mondo feed for this and that. The best time to be told about that is when I have the feed and search button right in front of my face already. I.e when I have the app open.

(Nigel Laverick) #16

These three items are the most sensible options I’ve seen so far. I’m a great fan of red bubbles on apps, they let you know that you should do something but not a priority. You also would make a great number of people happy too just by asking them what they would like to see, you upset more by telling them what they want to see