Nominated Emergency Contact

When your card is stolen, there’s a good chance your phone is taken at the same time.

As a Monzo user, I would like to be able to nominate another Monzo user as my emergency contact. From their phone app, I would like to be able to freeze my card.

Bonus points if I can see transactions from the past hour, mark them as fraudulent and immediately request a replacement card at the same time.


Monzo is going to develop a web interface, to enable you to freeze your card -

but this is a cool idea too :snowflake:

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It’s interesting to note that the concept of trusted contacts is being considered from a couple of things that have been said at events. The same trusted contacts could help verify a user if they have lost access to all of their cards and devices in these kinds of cases too.


Trusted contacts is a really interesting idea, and we’ve been discussing how it could work internally. As you mentioned, if you don’t have access to your phone to freeze your account, you could ask a trusted contact to do this for you.

We could take this idea even further and use it during device verification. Upon opening a Monzo account, we could ask you to nominate a number of trusted contacts (if you wish to opt in, of course).

Then, if you replace a lost or stolen device (so we can’t use your old device to verify your new device), and are away from any forms of ID, we could use a trusted contact to help us verify that it is indeed you who is trying to sign in on a new device. In this situation, your friends and family would be better at verifying that this is actually you. Until you do this we would limit account functionality, for example we could block large payments until verification is complete.

These are just some thoughts on how such a feature could work, but I’m interested to hear if this is something you would feel comfortable using?


I’d certainly opt in to this for trips. Have the ability for my partner and I to fast track request to freeze each other’s cards plus a parent back home.

For the rest of the time, I’m not sure. It would depend on the specific implementation details. (Would I be notified and be able to instantly reverse abuse of this? Would it require contacting support and providing a reason or just be a button?)


I like the over all idea of a trusted contact(s) would save a lot of hastle.

Wouldn’t this block normal DD payment’s that need to come off or is this just for physical transactions?

I’m on board with trusted contacts. Very interesting concept!

I think it should only block physical transactions…