Nokia 7 Plus


My Moto g6 has been returned after developing a fault and I’m in the market for a new phone. I’ve been using a £60 Nokia 1 for a couple of weeks but am interested in the Nokia 7 Plus. Anybody have this phone and have any comments to make about it? I’ve heard that some of the Nokia’s have bluetooth problems.


My wife has one. She’s previously had every model that OnePlus have made, but moved away as they’ve steadily increased in price.

She has no issues at all with the phone. It’s Android One, so pretty much vanilla Android. It will be getting Pie in the next few weeks.

She’s very impressed with the battery life. It seems to last forever and she’s using it with two SIM cards, personal email and work email.

Bluetooth hasn’t caused any issues at all, and it’s permanently on as she has it connected to get smart watch

Great thanks. I was a bit concerned as I often listen on Bluetooth headphones and some had reported audio issues.

She’s not had that issue, and uses Bluetooth headphones every day at the gym.

She bought the phone from as it was much cheaper, and in Europe they have the dual SIM version, which has 6GB RAM and 64GB storage. No issues with warranty as it’s through Amazon. Paying with Monzo card in Euros will avoid Amazon’s currency conversion rate.

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