Fairphone 4

Updated version has been released, looks to be a decent spec to be fair.

I may even consider getting one instead of the next Pixel

I am laughing at some of the comments, moaning about not have a headphone port. That’s the way of the world and most phones won’t have one anymore. Saves on space too, to fit in other stuff.

Edit - 5 year warranty if bought before a certain date, plus they’ve said they’ll support software updates for 6 years. That’s decent just for the updates if they stick to it.

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The only comprises I can see is the thickness of the phone at over a cm :flushed:

The weight too at 225g it’s an absolute brick.:unamused:

The 750G is a 2020 chip but a bit weak at this price point, it’s really for low/mid phones. Maybe the 778G would make it competitive mid spec.

The screen being only LCD too. No HDR10+, 90Hz+

The charging is a bit old school being the same slow 20W as the new iPhone 13

For £500 it’s a bit steep for the specs so you really got to care for the environment to get one.

Are you really going to want that for 6 years? The specs are already old for 2021.

At £200-250 it’s worth the specs so its whether the eco side is worth paying £300+ extra

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I know it’s not repairable or ethical but this trumps it.

120 Hz 6.67" AMOLED with HDR10.
Lighter and thinner
Faster charging 33W
Better camera
Headphone jack if that floats your boat

(currently £209)

Here’s the verses Fairphone 4 specs:


Here’s a rival using that 750G / Adreno 619

Much lighter and thinner, bigger amoled screen, bigger and faster charging battery. You can get them from £250


And I mean if you have £399 to spend you would probably go for this OnePlus instead which wipes the floor with the above

or from Samsung at £409 the Galaxy A52s 5G

See also

Linus review of the phone

I’m getting one :slight_smile:
Have a Fairphone 2 at the moment. Battery was close to end of life a couple of years ago, so both a new one for about £20. It’s lasting for 6 years now, but in terms of speed a replacement will be welcome now.

There’ll always be cheaper phones with similar specs. Then I wonder: will they last me another 6 years of updates? And obviously the “fair” also impacts the price.

I’m wondering if the 6GB or 8GB of RAM is the better choice.
Looks like 6GB will do for now, thinking in terms of future performance (I’m hoping to use it long term) I’m not so sure.


I think if you’ve been using a Fairphone 2 from 2015 then it’ll prob last you six years with this.

If you had a more recent phone to compare then you might think the 750G inside is a bit crap at that price point.

At £569 for the 8GB its basically £269 for the specs and £300 in good feeling.

As you have the Fairphone you might not be interested but these are the 750G rivals to the Fairphone 4.

£229 - Mi 10T Lite | 5G


£299 - OnePlus Nord CE 5G


£299 - Samsung Galaxy A52 5G


At these price points its a bit of weird one because you are paying a premium for the 5G without the performance. Without that then they are £200-250 phones.

Also I wouldn’t recommend spending £299 on a Nord CE 5G when for hundred quid more you could pick up the Nord 2 5G (£399) which has a lot more future proof and could last until 2025. At hundred quid per year of life I would say thats a bargain.

I’d go with 8 to be fair, doesn’t hurt to have a bit more than needed.

I tend to find it’s either the battery which goes 1st with me or the speaker for making calls. At least when they pack in, I can just swap out and keep on going :ok_hand:

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In fairness, I’m guessing in six years you maybe want to change the battery once, or maybe twice and you can easily do that for a low price instead of the £60 or so repair shops charge you. If you happen to break the screen, camera, charging point etc in those six years then you start really racking up the savings vs a glued together, deliberately difficult to repair phone.

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Well a battery should be good for 3 years.

I think my point was if you buy a £269 phone the cost of ownership is forty something quid a year.

I personally wouldn’t feel bad at recycling my phone after three-four years, over spending more money to give it another year or two of life.

Obviously if you knacker your phone immediately then it pays off. I think they mentioned that 1 in 10 will actually repair/upgrade their phone over its life.

To me having a phone for three-four years or a repairable phone (just in case I knacker it) that does the same isn’t a deal breaker.

I personally think a six year life is pushing it when the specs without the 5G are comparable to a OnePlus 6 that came out in 2018. I think that Fairphone 4 will be a relic in 2023 let alone 2027.

Decent spec for what it is, and that ease of been able to fix it for next to nothing is so appealing :ok_hand:

Currently sat in my shopping basket ready to put card details in.

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