OnePlus Devices - Android App

I’ve just received my work phone, a OnePlus Three and noticed the android version of the app is not compatible with it.

edit: ignore me. My first Android phone and I couldn’t work it :scream: not sure what I was doing

OnePlus is noticibly different to mainstream Android hence (and I can’t name them due to NDAs) three other banks taking a consious decision not to develop a OnePlus compatible version

My brother took delivery of his one plus three today, nice gadget it is, I asked if he had the M app and he said he’ll need to use his iPad to access the app. The app on the phone just allows you to register for a card. He’s still happy, for now. Really like that phone. :blush:

That is a shame. Its my first non iPhone since 2008/9.

edit: never mind, got it to install under the beta version of the app. I’ll just keep using my iPhone until the android version catches up. :+1:

Having a Windows phone, Android phone and Android tablet you can imagine how frustrated I am when firms just churn stuff out for iPhone :angry: thats why I gladly opened a Monese account when I found they did Android

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My Barclays apps work on OnePlus One and Two even if those initially were blocked. Barclaycard has annoyinly stopped working. Would be great to know if the Mondo app will eventually work with any of these phones.

Hmmmm this is confusing. The only restriction that exists as far as I’m aware is rooted devices or custom os’s. Oneplus allows for both of these but out of the box it comes with a Google certified os which isn’t rooted and shouldn’t cause any issue.

While the OS is Google certified it is still an OEM version and hence differs from regular Android.

So that’s every single manufacturer bar Nexus branded devices.

OxygenOS and Cyanogen operating systems while similar to Android are sufficiently different to cause extra work and stress for programers to make apps work on these varients

Oxygen os is a lot closer to ASOP than you think. Cyanogen is still based off ASOP which is all that matters when it comes to app development

I have a OnePlus One and it works fine (as does Android Pay, and every banking app I use). I think some didn’t work when it first came out, but that was due to overeager root checks. Now Google has SafetyNet, that shouldn’t be a problem.

No it shouldn’t be an issue. Oxygen os is very close to ASOP and shouldn’t flag up as rooted or non-certified software

Generally, OnePlus devices are supported. @walderston your OnePlus three should be fully compatible.

I got it to install after leaving the beta and joining again. Just to Google Play store being funny (common thing I’m told :scream:)

I’ve got a one plus x. The app downloaded fine and I got to the top of the que ages ago, I’m still waiting for early access? Please will Mondo stop teasing me sooo . . .

I’ve got a OnePlus3, got my Mondo card the other day and no issues for me so far.

You shouldn’t have any issues specific to the op3 realistically. Enjoy the op3 :yum:

Nice!! Hope you’re enjoying it. I’ve recently just moved, I’m not sure where I can update my address for them to send it through.

So, one last question to anyone who can answer this specific.

It seems 1+ (1,2,3) all seem to be working fine,

However with my 1+x i have the app but still just on the top of the waiting list, ‘to be notified when android releases’ and since android has now in fact released I’m starting to wonder.

NOTE: With my phone I also seem to have issues with the Android pay app and it won’t download on my phone.

Is there anyone who has a 1+x and using the card fine, meaning I simply just have to wait longer, or have others got the same issue, meaning I may need to look at switching to a different phone in order for me to recieve Mondo?