Nokia 7.1 Android 9 update?

Anyone running this phone? Picked mine up today and was under the impression it should be ready for the Android Pie update.


The update should be available , maybe because it’s just turned on, give it a few days, and then check for updates, that’s what I would recommend.

Or you could manually flash the ROM, I only recommend if you are confident with that sort of stuff , link to file end of this article.

Or use a VPN and connect to the US and check for updates again ,that might add you to the rollout straight away as the rollout started there first.

Edit: just had look at the Nokia community, alot of people still don’t have pie even though it’s been a couple of months, I’d suggest taking out the SIM and then using a VPN to check for the update in different countries, a restart in-between each country is probably best also.



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