Copy in payee account details from other app

Would it ever be possible for Monzo to, say, pick up a screen shot or PDF of an invoice to make it easier to copy across sort code/account number? Even just an image you can zoom into and type out again - otherwise I always have to get my laptop or a pen and paper out.

If I need my Monzo account no + sort code, I don’t need to copy as remember it well :nerd_face:

Still, if you need to copy it, look at your account number, go β€˜β€˜Current account’’ :arrow_right: β€˜β€˜Manage’’ (next to the Feed) :arrow_right: press on β€˜β€˜copy’’ sign :point_left:

Every timeI need to copy 1 of my existing contact’s acc & sort numbers, I choose the payee :arrow_right: click on β€˜β€˜edit’’ :arrow_right: mark the field with numbers you need to copy and allow your phone to β€˜β€˜select all’’ :arrow_right: choose β€˜β€˜copy’’ :partying_face:

If you are after copy from OTHER apps, it entirely depends on OTHER app functionalities :neutral_face:

Luckily, Monzo app does not close after 10 or 20 or so so seconds, as (eg) Lloyds app does. That makes Monzo app use much smoother :monzopride: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Cheers, but I mean for non-monzo details from e.g. an email invoice. If I get plumbing work done, the plumber emails a PDF with his bank details in. I can’t memorise 14 digits at once, so I have to write the details down or flip back & forth between apps about 4 times to get the number over!

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Maybe one day this idea/technique will be implemented to simplify the detail transfer as technically it’s possible but not designed in banking system yet :grin:

I believe banks need to deliver account number and sort code reading scripts, β€œteach it” to recognise the data and copy it :nerd_face:

Will see in a near future, hopefully :soon: