Copy sort code and account number but formatted

(Simon) #1

It’s quite a simple one but would be super handy. I’m often asked what my bank details are by friends who want to transfer me some money. If I click through to the settings a can long press to copy sort code and then the same for account number.
How about have a single link you long press to copy both at once and says
“Sort code: 04-00-04 and Account Number: xxxxxxxx”


On iOS you can go to account -> add money -> hit the share icon -> copy. that will copy the name, act no and sort code

You can also hit share account details on the screen you’re on but that also copies Monzo’s address and other extras


@sidonaldson you do the same :point_up: on Android - You can also go into settings and copy details just by tap and hold on Account number and sort code.

(Simon) #4

Love MONZO! I’ve posted here twice and both times the feature already exists… strong work