No phone

i have my new card with me already but my telephone where i download the app is not working anymore, is any way i can activate the card which is not the phone, atm or something?
please help, i need to know my account number or details to get paid

Oh no! Will your phone get repaired or replaced? You really need one to use Monzo properly.

In the meantime, why not give Monzo a ring on the number on the back of the card and see what they suggest?

Sorry not to be of more help!


The only way you will find out is doing what @Peter_G suggests and contact Monzo.

I do feel though, you will need to use the app to activate the card as it could be a security vulnerability to allow people to activate the card without the app. Can you not borrow a family or friends phone, log into the app to activate the card, then log out of the app?

All we can do on these forums is speculate unfortunately.


Hey @Leoparva :wave:

I’m really sorry to hear about the issues :disappointed_relieved:

We’ve reached out to you directly to get this sorted :+1:

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