My phone stopped working

my phone stopped working, i really wanna know if it’s possible if i can log in to someone else’s phone to check my balance and make a transaction.

thank yiu

Yes you can, but it’s probably a bit risky to do. You can still use your card without logging into someone’s phone etc .

If you just want to check your balance then you can use the web version - - but there is no ability to make transfers.

When you’ve logged in on your friend’s phone, I strongly recommend deleting the app off their phone again for your own security again.


In the mean time I’d suggest popping to Argos and picking up a new phone to last you until you get yours repaired or replaced properly. I believe you can get ones for a little as £15


thanks mate, real reason why ik need to log into my freinds phone is because covid-19s going on and a lot of people need my help, so one transaction i want to make is get a new phone and also help out other people.

thanks anyway

Is your phone fixable? Which is it?

P.S. Anyone else expecting to be a thread from Venom? :rofl:


You don’t need the app for that. Just use your card like you normally would and check your balance here: :slight_smile:

i cant because monzo always ask for approval after transaction via phone app.

Not always :slight_smile:

It’s worth trying or you can visit the shop and pay on your card in person.