No grey feed pay early - 27/04/20

Hello everyone
Usually every month, the day before payday, the grey feed appears between 8-9am. Max be 9am. Its past 9 now. Its still not there… Any one still waiting on their grey feed? Just a bit worried that’s all

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I think they are still being processed. I have 3 items going out of my account tomorrow (1 standing order, 2 pot moves) and only 1 of the pot moves is there, shown in grey. I expect the rest will turn up later, I’m not worried.

Give it a couple of hours and see, that’s what I’m doing.

Thanks mate, I will keep an eye. As of 9:20, still nothing

As long as it appears before 4pm, you’ll be fine - then you can get it early. :slight_smile:

Same for me…pay day tomrrow from my work and no greyed out incoming payment showing yet. I guess I wont stress out…yet!

OK thanks mate, I think the process might running late, will keep an eye

Same here - only reason I’m getting stressed is its my first pay since being furloughed, so a bit anxious I’m not getting paid!

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There’s no defined time that they become available in the app, just hold tight & hopefully it’ll all show up without a problem. :+1:

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Only reason I am a bit stressed is since the early pay day was introduced, its always appeared before 9am

I’ve had them appear as late as 2pm-ish. Try not to stress about it.

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If and when mine appears, I will update it here so other that are worried can check theirs


Ooh, the 2nd pot move has just appeared. Definitely being processed.

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So they must be running slow mate, I will keep checking.

yh i have a bacs payment due tomorrow but nothing showing yet

Same here ! Glad it’s not just me

Guess we are all waiting then… So I don’t think we should be worried as we are all in the same boat…

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If anyone gets their feed pl update it here

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I usually receive money on Tuesday but shows at 9am on Monday morning ready for me to gain at 4pm…
This is still not showing at 10am
Glad it’s just not me…
Will update when I get it ( if I do)

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Thank you .

I have the same issue. Hoping to see it before 4pm so I ‘Salary Sort’.