No card order found

Hi, I recently created an account and ordered a card. Afterwards I realised there was a slight typo in one part of the address so I mentioned it in the app help chat. When I came back later to check if there was a response the app just comes up with “There was a problem, no card order found” and then immediately logs me out. There doesn’t appear to be any other options to reorder a card, or contact anyone for help, instead a red screen pops up with that message and logs me back out immediately. I would be grateful for some help as I currently have no idea if a card is on its way at all and even if it did arrive I wouldn’t be able to activate it with the app in its current state.

You can call Monzo on 0800 802 1281 or email

We’re just customers like you so sadly nobody on here will be able to help :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you! I’ve sent them an email.

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Hi @rubymayk :wave:

Are you unable to login to the app at all? Feel free to DM me your account email and I can take a look.

Hi, it will send me the email so I can login but immediately this screen pops up and it bumps me out again. I’ll dm the email address. Edit: I’m not actually sure how to send a dm on here…

Click on Simons picture and in the popup there is a big blue button that says ‘Message’ - click that :slight_smile:

If you don’t see it, it’s because you’re new here and haven’t had much activity. Let us know and we can get Simon to reach out to you instead.

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Yeah I’m new, that’s probably why…

Ok, let’s try and notify Simon to come back here so he can reach out to you instead.

I’ll tag him for you :slight_smile: @simonb and fingers crossed he will now see the notification for this.

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Thank you guys for all your help, I think it’s okay since I got a reply from the help email!

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I have the same problem as you Ruby

Hello, i have the same problem i want to płace an order for the card!