No back button on monthly report

(Max Bladen-Clark) #1

Hey Folks,

Just a little bug I noticed this morning.
On iPhone X, iOS 11.3.

When you get a notification that your monthly report is ready, and you click the notification to navigate through to the report; there is no back button. The only way you can get out of the screen through the UI is the ‘create a pot’ button.

(Brenda Wong) #2

Oh dear, that’s not ideal @maxcbc! Do you happen to have a screenshot handy you can put in this thread? (Blur out anything you need to :slight_smile:)

(Max Bladen-Clark) #3

@brenda sadly not, once I’ve clicked the notification the notification gets cleared so I’d have to wait till next month to get a screenshot lol

(Brenda Wong) #4

Oh dear! We’re so sorry about that little bug :bug:

If you could keep an eye out for it that’ll be great! In the meantime I’ll look around to see if this has been flagged internally :+1:

(Herp Derp) #5

I just tried on iPhone 8 and the back button was top left

(Andrew Ross) #6

iPhone X 11.3 I see the back button top left.