Bug: no back button on Golden Ticket

iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 10.3.2

When tapping on notification to view a new golden ticket, around 50% of the time there’s no back button to come out of the view. I have to double-click the home button and close the app from the app switcher screen to get out of this screen:

…and here with the back button top left of screen:


Hey Bob,

Thanks a lot for reporting this :bug:. I’ll investigate and flag it to our iOS engineers! :crossed_fingers: By the way, you mentioned that you have to close the app to get back out of this screen. If you just tap home and open the app again it’s still no game?


@priscila, I closed the app as suggested, opened the app and I’m presented with the same screen, no back button. Hope that helps!

Thank you for checking @BobT! We’re onto it! :microscope:

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Just to confirm, this occurs intermittently when opening a golden ticket notification, not the in-app feed which seems to be fine.

You should easily be able to test this by continuing to award yourself a golden ticket and opening it from the pop-up notification… not that I’m trying to teach you to suck eggs, just trying to describe the issue as best as I can :joy:

I’ve just tracked down a 100% reproducible test case for the iOS team. It required a bit of support access since it’s caused by something we do from our interface. :smile:

Thanks so much for the report! :heart:


Looks like I’ve just had the same issue with a Flux notification


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And another one where I’ve clicked on a notification from Flux and there’s no back button.

Is anyone from Monzo still looking at these @RichardR?


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I’ll add this to the ongoing ticket. This screen works a little differently to the golden ticket one but should be the same issue to fix here too. :+1: