[iOS & Android] Summary Bar Not Showing on Home Screen

Issue: Summary bar not showing at the top of the home screen as it should.

Details to reproduce: Unable to confirm, opened app into this state. I can’t even get it back when relaunching after a force close.

OS: iOS 13.1.3
Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max
App Version: 3.5 (572) TestFlight Build

Edit: I’ve reported via in-app chat also.


Also gone on Android too.

Good to know, has someone at Monzo pressed a wrong button? :wave:t3:

Yep seeing the same on iOS.

Can also confirm it’s disappeared on Android (both Personal and Joint Accounts)

What’s going on :monzo:?


Maybe they pressed the right button?

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Nooooooo :sweat:

Came here to check if it was in some sort of change log, apparently not, hopefully this isn’t permanent

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Yep same boat here I’m on latest version too so hopefully this will be sorted quickly and soon.

Mine’s just disappeared too

… there’s no point ini me adding my two cents worth, but I’m doing it anyway…


For what it’s worth it was gone in the version prior to the current latest version.
Updated to the latest version and it’s still gone.

Yeah, it’s not version related in any way since it was there this morning and isn’t now.

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It’s a server-side flag then that has been changed.

Just tweeted them about this then came here to see if anyone else had the same problem.

Back now for me

Phew… back for me too after a force-stop & restart (Android) :sweat:

Yay, it’s back :smiley:

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Not back for iOS :cry:

The OP (on iOS) stated it was back 2 posts up. Maybe it’s a staged roll-out/roll-back-in-again?