Missing Back Button on the overdraft screen


When you come into the app from a push notification, there’s no Back button. This is true of almost all of the push notifications, but this is one is of particular note because it reads like you must take action immediately.

App Version: iOS 1.9.31 #382
Device: iPhone 6S, iOS 10.3.3 (14G60), running in Zoomed mode

(Peter Roberts) #2

That’s what the decline option is but it’s making it clear to you that it’s a bad idea to do nothing right now. I like it - it’s positive friction - choosing to not sort this out right now is the bad choice :man_shrugging:

(Stephen Spencer) #3

I’d prefer the copy at the bottom to be “Do nothing, decline payments after I hit £0” or similar.
At the moment it feels like it might start declining all payments as soon as I press it, regardless of not having hit zero yet.
Dodgy copy at best, dark pattern style manipulation at worst?
But yeah, a close button too, regardless.

(Tristan Thomas) #4

This is an excellent point! Thank you :slight_smile: Just a copy bug that we’ll get fixed up so it’s clearer


Ah, excellent. When I saw it on Android I thought that transactions would be immediately declined if I selected it. Which seemed… odd.