No back button when selecting a transaction on Trends

If you go on the Trends part of the app, and drill down into the categories and select a transaction, there’s no back button in the top left corner

Hi Adam, I can’t reproduce this myself but, as an option, you can swipe from the left of the screen to go back.

It’s not an issue for me either.

When you created this topic there were a few questions that you needed to fill out, like device, OS and app version etc. If you can add these it will help Monzo pinpoint the issue and hopefully fix it :slight_smile:

Same for me on iOS

The button is there, it’s just not been changed for dark mode.

Unable to reproduce on iOS 16.2 beta 2, testflight version of Monzo - “Back” shows in both light and dark mode

iOS 16
App version 4.55.0

Trends > Category > press one of the transactions

No visible arrow top left