📰 Apple Pay now in 20 markets, nabs 90% of all mobile contactless transactions where active

A lot of the interesting details in this article are US-centric and so less interesting than if they were about the global situation. However, the one really interesting statistic is that in the headline:

Apple Pay is accounting for 90 percent of all mobile contactless transactions globally in markets where it’s available

Combined with today’s :monzo: announcement, the anticipation is high. :wink:


I love Apple Pay. With limits lifted you really don’t need a card any more.


I don’t think the US have contactless. They have only just got chip and pin.

This could be completely incorrect. :smile:

It’s pretty rare though compared to card payments. I think I’ve seen it used in costa only once when I’ve been there.

They do! It is very popular on phones, however not with cards as most are just magstripe (no chip).

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Yeah sorry I wasn’t clear. No contactless on cards. Only chip and pin.

Hence Apple Smashing contactless.

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The article doesn’t say that Apple has 90% of contactless transactions in the US, but 90% of mobile contactless transactions globally. I think that’s what makes it interesting. It’s really an observation on Apple Pay’s popularity compared with other mobile contactless systems (e.g. Google Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Vodafone Pay, etc.). Not as compared with contactless cards, or limited to the US.


Android Pay :wink:


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It’s the kind of figure I’d want to see breakdown figures for… 90% is a lot - and the figures do come from Apple…

If my maths was better I could probably adjust for the number of countries where apple pay is the only option (6 out of 21 according to my googling) and therefore 100% by default.

(Not sure about that 21 number though, the article says the number is being increased to 20, but an article from March lists 21…).

Not Apple, but “merchants and others who have partnered with Apple”. But, I agree, it’s not well sourced.

The US does have contactless - Visa Paywave, MasterCard Paypass and AmEx have contactless chip cards.
Roll out has been super slow and really depends on your card issuer/banking institution if you as the end user gets one. But it’s not just as widespread adoption - Apple Pay has really been bridging the gap when most cards haven’t been replaced yet.

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Not with Fitbit Pay on the scene now, watch that grab market share. Tim Cook must be having sleepless nights!

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They do, but my contactless never worked. My Barclays Apple Pay did though when I couldn’t use my :mondo: CA