Half of all debit card payments now contactless

Makes me wonder what the impact of SCA and the dreaded “PIN entry every x transactions/after £x limit reached” will be.


Interesting that the number go online transactions has dipped. I suppose people could be using credit cards more.


I still find it amazing how few people use Apple / Google Pay - I really don’t use any other form of payment any more whilst out and about. I’d be really interested to see that first graph split into ‘device payments’.


I was just thinking the same. Out of my friend group there’s only me that uses Google Pay. It’s not “trusted” by many folk.

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I just don’t get this logic. If I see your pin and nick your card I can do untold damage to your finances. If I nick your phone I can do the square root of nothing.


I guess people just don’t associate phones with payments. I know a lot of people tut when I use my phone to pay, saying, “I wouldn’t trust that.”

I once got heckled in a self checkout by a guy who thought I was just playing on my phone, but I was paying with it :man_shrugging:


I know a few people which don’t have it setup as they feel it’s more friction to spending money they don’t need to.

This is not true. Granted you wouldn’t be able to make large transactions on my phone, without unlocking it, but google pay will allow you to do some transactions by simply lighting up the screen.

Oh my god really??? Can that be disabled?

I don’t believe so, no.

It’s certainly the way forward, however I’d never not have my card or some cash on me as its not 100% reliable.

Google Pay no longer works on the buses here, it used to when contactless was first introduced earlier in the year. However, it just gets declined every time now. Other than that I use Google Pay whenever possible.

…but iOS won’t.

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Indeed :stuck_out_tongue: I was responding to a comment that was not specific about the payment platform.

For what it’s worth, that is one of the main reasons I prefer Samsung Pay to Google Pay… but Monzo don’t support that :unamused:

It will for supported travel payments if you explicitly enable it.


Every day’s a school day. :+1:

Oh I believe it’s relatively new, and even newer to the U.K.

I think it’s a bit like Monzo, in that until you actually try it, you don’t realise how useful it actually is.

I spent years not caring about Google Pay, it didn’t register with me at all. Then Monzo got their Google Pay integration sorted, and I thought “Well, I might as well add it to see what it’s like, but I’ll probably never use it.”

To cut a long story short, I now pay for almost everything with my phone.


Has it dipped? Looks more or less the same to me, the article doesn’t say it’s dipped either.

Just the last month or two. The graph for online and other goes down. Not a trend, just interesting.