Most Americans aren't that into contactless cards

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The article is a bit odd. Seems like it’s just trying to bend the info to the narrative they want.


Many banks in the US don’t have contactless cards yet. It’s not that they aren’t into them, it’s that they often don’t have the choice.

I noted on my recent trips there that many stores still don’t have contactless readers, either.

I expect both of these things to change over the next few years.

We will certainly be doing our part to bring about more contactless usage with our cards :blush:


I has contactless in the USA back in 2009. It didn’t take off for two reasons.

  1. It was no faster than swiping. (No PINs)
  2. It was slow (MSD data)
  3. Media heavily scare mongered about RFID skimming.

Many of the banks withdrew contactless cards due to them not being used.

Many of my family do bot trust them and will not use it whatsoever.

Often you still have to sign with contactless / ApplePay so whats the point really? They still need to check the signature on the physical card.

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I think there needs to be a distinction between a contactless card and a contactless transaction in that case.

It sounds like the US tried the first without the second. How was that ever going to work?



You will, but it is the tiniest drop in the ocean. Many places still swipe cards. The next logical jump would be to biometrics eg Apple Pay, skipping contactless cards altogether. And as mentioned above, even when you use that sometimes you still have to sign. You might as well just use chip and pin. The USA are so far behind Europe.

Edit - Honestly I think trying to move into the USA market is a bad idea. Monzo is a bank which makes no profit and bleeds money. Why move into one of the toughest markets on the planet? The minute you have a viable product it will be replicated by one of the big national players.

I can understand not moving into Europe as there is already so much competition, but there must be other countries which would be just as easy to move into which would be lucrative.

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But is it though? Admittedly I have not been to the US in the last few years, but I did not see anything there on a banking front that smacked of being unassailable, far from it

If not the US or Europe, where would you suggest?

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Alot of the readers take contactless. It is just disabled. :unamused:

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