The Case For Contactless: Why Americans Will Tap-To-Pay In 2020


That made me realize I haven’t really paid attention to which of my US cards are contactless because I generally use my phone for that.

I think right now, the only non-contactless US cards I have are my debit cards (all except Venmo) and my two Barclaycards. Speaking of which, I still remember Barclaycard being one of the last to discontinue contactless back when it was tried with magstripe-only cards (for a long time, my Barclaycard Ring was the only US-issued contactless card in my wallet until they revamped it with contact EMV but no contactless), and now it feels like they’re one of the last holdouts now that contactless cards are a thing again.

EDIT: On a related note, when are we getting contactless cards in the US? I don’t always have my phone on me (sometimes my phone battery has run down or I’ve stored it away in a mall charging locker) so just having mobile payment available isn’t always enough. I remember being told at the Las Vegas event that it was under testing .


Tap to Pay definitely the term:

Side note, why do so many retailers manually disable the contactless functionality of their readers.

I believe paying contactless in the US has increased fees for the merchants.

Chargebacks I guess.
Also the name is ewwwww, Contactless or the french Sans Contact (Without Contact) flows much better.

Also remeber that B&Q in the UK also disable to contactless on their readers.

:thinking: We do not use PIN tho…

Terms are Swipe, Dip, Tap

Chip is very new so contactless never entered lexicon.

Interesting incentive, especially since Chase removed Blink from all their cards about 6 years ago.

Mastercard fastpass has been around since 2008? I think around then. I remember receiving it in university and paying with a tap at CVS, etc. With the prevalence of smart phones, the case for contactless cards is sort of just meh. If banks offer initial extra incentives or cash backs for use of Apple, Samsung, or google pay via your phone then that should really increase use which crosses out the need for contactless cards.

Also, I had a chase debit contactless card for about three years which I primarily only used in London. When I get back home to US, the new card they gave me wasn’t contactless enabled and they even suggested I use Apple Pay.

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